Balance of Plant Design

Innospin are world leaders in providing viable and reliable solutions for power generation to plants and installations all over the world. Many years of experience has resulted in a unique approach that combines our vast knowledge of the working environment with a commitment to finding the best balance of plant design solutions for a varied and discerning list of clients. Balance of plant design or BOP is just part of the comprehensive service provided by Innospin, and today it is more important than ever.

Balance of Plant Design in the modern world

Today the world is changing and the impact on power plants and industry is enormous. That's why it has become increasingly important to approach each project with a balance of plant design that takes the environment, the availability of natural resources and the wishes of clients into consideration. Innospin provides a personalised service, and covers every aspect of the project from the initial consultation through the design process to the finished installation. Whether it's an air cooled condenser or a water cooled condenser, balance of plant design ensures that the most effective and ecologically sound back up, operating and maintenance solutions will be applied. The infrastructure of your power plant or generating system is essential for ensuring that power delivery is optimised, and Innospin offer an exceptional range ofbalance of plant design services that help you to achieve the kind of reliability and performance that is vital today.

A unique service that can prove a real asset

Innospin provide the type of flexible and personalised service you require, and can tailor balance of plant design solutions to enhance your power plant infrastructure and performance. From inspection and planning to design and implementation, our expertise in the power generation industry allow us to apply the most viable and cost effective solutions. As a recognised specialist in the power plant field, Innospin is ideally placed to offer BOP systems that cover all areas of your specific operation. Take a look at to see some of the major projects all over the world that have benefited from increased performance and productivity with the implementation of balance of plant design. New and changing technologies allow you to choose BOP systems that are efficient and ecologically sound, and Innospin are at the forefront of new and exciting developments. Our service includes initial assessment, planning, design and advice from engineers and experts with many years experience, allowing you to maximise the potential of your plant. We can then help you to achieve your goals with balance of plant design systems that provide the kind of back up you require on a daily basis.
From the beginning of a new project to the realisation of a new system or installation, Innospin are involved in each step of the process. We provide a customised service that takes your real concerns and wishes into account, and which allows you to benefit fully from our vast experience and knowledge of the field. Never before has ongoing and trustworthy balance of plant design been so important to productivity. Take a look at for more information on BOP services that can make a real difference.
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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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