Balance of Plant Engineering

Providing a comprehensive balance of plant engineering service (BOP) is fundamental to the Innospin approach to delivering solutions for the power plant industry. With a vast knowledge of the industry and its unique infrastructure, we are able to consult with clients all over the world to bring about BOP solutions that really make a difference.

An exclusive approach to balance of plant engineering

Innospin is a world leader in the power plant sector, and our wide knowledge of the entire industry allows us to offer clients an increasingly complex and specific service. From specialised solutions for some of the most exciting power plant engineering projects in the world, to consulting, design and planning, we continually strive to meet the demands of clients. Today more than ever, the balance of plant engineering systems that power plants rely on must meet their highly specific requirements. Increased power output and optimised productivity are essential in power plant installations, particularly in areas with diverse environmental or ecological conditions where a tailor made solution is a necessity. Innospin approach each project with a dedication to excellence and have created some of the most modern and technologically advanced systems. From the building and installation of new power plants in a wide variety of locations to knowledge transfer and balance of plant engineering, Innospin can find the solution you really need.

Balance of plant engineering for today

It has never been more important to find the most viable solutions in the power plant industry than it is today. Innospin continue to offer some of the most exceptional BOP services for plants and installations in all types of terrain, climate and setting. Fuel supply systems are one of the most important services that are required by power plants, and Innospin can help you to implement these in a cost effective and efficient way. We can also help you to design, plan and install water supply and water treatment systems as well as waste water disposal and treatment systems. These are particularly important in certain types of power plant and our engineers have the expertise and know how that you rely on for the best BOP solutions. It's not only operational balance of plant engineering systems that power plant personnel and management need to be aware of, and fire alarm, fire prevention and fire fighting services should also be addressed when assessing the BOP requirements of your power plant installation. In certain conditions explosion protection systems may also be required, and Innospin are ideally suited to advising you on all the protective steps you may need to take. Supplying the power plant sector with vital components and materials is a specialised area, and compressed air supply to nitrogen supply systems are just some of the balance of plant engineering services that make Innospin a leader in the field.
Take a look at some of the important projects and installations that we've been a part of, and which we continue to maintain and monitor through a range of specific balance of plant engineering services at Whether you're looking for a complete BOP system or whether you wish to upgrade and improve existing systems, you can rely on Innospin for the best and most productive solutions.
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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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