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Finding the right solutions for power generation plants has never been easier and a terrific range of balance of plant system options ensures optimum productivity and maintenance. In the past, choosing the right BOP systems for power plant installations could be confusing and time consuming. Today, you can select the specialised services that best suit your specific and highly individual requirements with the help of the engineering experts at Innospin. As you would expect from a company at the forefront of power generation and BOP services, Innospin brings its expertise and know how to bear in finding the best and most advantageous answers for you. Swiss dedication to excellence combined with an in depth knowledge of the field allow Innospin to maintain an enviable position as one of the leading service providers for today's industry.

Balance of plant system services that you can count on

Innospin has been at the cutting edge of the latest developments in balance of plant system application for many years and has a strong client base who rely on the company to provide a constant and reliable service. With numerous high profile projects under its belt Innospin continues to strive for newer and more effective solutions. Take a look at a few of the most prominent projects at for an idea of the comprehensive array of balance of plant system solutions that can make a difference to the day to day running of a successful power generation plant. Let the highly qualified and experienced engineers assist you with initial consultation and assessment, through planning and design of a complete BOP system that is tailor made for you, and the assurance of the best possible support and back up for the future. Whether you are the operations manager of a huge power generation plant, or whether you plan to build a new installation or air cooled condenser you can count on a financially viable solution that you can trust.

Ideal BOP solutions for any task

Your location will have a bearing on the type of balance of plant system products or equipment you require. In certain power plants you may require water or fuel supply systems, while others may need a complex protection and maintenance system. Innospin is highly qualified to address your needs and can offer a range ofbalance of plant system services that covers every eventuality. Not only can you build a complete plant or installation from scratch with the design skills and technical knowledge of Innospin within easy reach, at you can also find out about a wide range of ways to upgrade or renovate existing balance of plant system operations. This unique approach allows you to choose the best way forward for your company, yet assures you of the most efficient, productive and cost effective answers to specific tasks. Perhaps you need a nitrogen or compressed air supply, or maybe you would like to explore BOP solutions for waste water disposal or containment. Innospin has experienced personnel who are adept at covering every aspect of power plant and power generation BOP systems including supply, waste and maintenance.
Not only can you rely on Innospin for the balance of plant system best suited to your project, you can depend on an environmentally friendly, cost effective solution that really works.
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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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