The advantages of installing a dry cooling system

Choosing a dry cooling system with owner's engineering is one of the smartest moves you can make in today's economic and environmental climate. As water preservation is rapidly becoming an issue for plant managers around the globe, many are choosing ecologically sound alternatives to the water cooling systems of the past. With an Innospin dry cooling system, you can cut water consumption and your daily running costs dramatically.

Innospin: your dry cooling system expert

With over 50 international projects under its belt, Innospin is one of the leading names in dry cooling system technology today. We'll work through each step of the process with you; from sourcing labour and materials locally to help you choose an owner's engineering representative. Your owner's engineer is a subcontracted employee with unique knowledge of dry cooling system installation and technology. They will oversee technical and build personnel and ensure that your project adheres to specifications.

What can you expect in terms of service?

Your cost-effective dry cooling system will stand the test of time and you'll recoup the initial outlay quickly through reduced power consumption and overall efficiency. We'll help with everything from selecting a feasible project design to providing education and back up. Utilising local sources is a key element that includes everything from owner's engineering appraisal to choosing the right materials for your location. For example, our WulashanDatong 3 dry cooling system was one of the largest to be developed with 100% local production in China. See more about WulashanDatong and other Innospin air-cooled condenser projects at or read on for further details.

What is a dry cooling system?

Unlike traditional water-cooled installations, a dry cooling system uses air to cool steam emissions as they exit a turbine rather than water. Because they don't rely on water to run, your plant consumption can be cut by as much as 90%. Today, with global water shortages constantly in the news, that's more important than ever. Innospin has overseen projects in some of the world's most demanding locations and no project is too large nor too small.

Will your dry cooling system be as efficient as water cooling?

Many plant managers fear that efficiency will be reduced. Innospin employs the latest production methods and technology and adds a dash of Swiss precision and expertise to ensure that your dry cooling system completely meets your expectations. Plus, with owner’s engineering in place, your technical contractors and builders have on-site assistance and supervision through every phase.

Learn more about Innospin

Discover the ways that an air cooling system can make a difference to you and see details of some of our successful projects at We’re on hand to advise you on everything from owner’s engineering to choice of electrical system and we’re happy to answer any queries by email or telephone.

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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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