Waste to Energy Plant

Are you the manager of a Waste to Energy Plant, or are you considering the set up of a new operation? Whether you're looking for ways to make an existing WtoE plant more financially viable or productive, or whether you wish to explore the most efficient way to create and run a new installation, Innospin has the prefect solutions for you.

The importance of Waste to Energy Plant today

We see constant reminders of the need to find new energy sources everywhere we go. Fuel prices are rising and when driving your car to heating you home you are certain to be paying more than you were a year or so ago. When you consider the shortage of fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal, the power produced by a Waste to Energy Plant suddenly seems like a very real answer. Nowhere has the fuel crisis hit harder than in the world's major industries. Production and manufacturing plants have a high annual requirement, and the effect of meeting the demand for supply has far reaching consequences that will in time affect us all. A Waste to Energy Plant converts waste product into usable energy, and can offer a real alternative to industries all over the world. Examples of working plants can be found at www.innospin.ch. Innospin is a world leader in the WtoE market and can assist you in finding the best way to optimise your current operation, or help you to plan a new plant that meets your very specific requirements.

Waste to Energy Plant solutions that work for you

Innospin offer innovative and cost effective answers that combine technical skill and expertise with a vast knowledge of the energy sector. For example, at www.innospin.com you can read the exciting news about Innospin's contract to supply the second ACC or air cooled condenser for the Waste to Energy Plant at Ferrybridge. A Waste to Energy Plant produces much needed energy through the combustion or incineration of waste products. Energy is generated in the form of heat or electricity, though combustible fuels including ethanol, methanol or methane may also be produced. Because new plants must conform strictly to guidelines regarding emissions, they have requirements that are very different to older more established plants where emissions standards guidelines have not yet been brought into force. Innospin are experts in their field and can offer advice on planning, BOP systems and design. Our engineering personnel are recognised for their extensive knowledge and technical skills and can provide you with ongoing support and back up. Each has an average of 15 years experience, allowing them to provide a unique overview of Waste to Energy Plant operational and logistical standards.
With over 130 successfully completed projects to date in the power plant sector, including Waste to Energy Plant, Innospin is a name to be trusted. Based in Switzerland, the company is dedicated to finding specific solutions for a demanding client base in locations all over the world. Take a look at the comprehensive range of services that you can count on at www.innospin.ch, and make your Waste to Energy Plant a financially viable, productive and well maintained concern with a real place in today's energy production sector.
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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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