Successful cooperation and technology partnership

The long-term cooperation and technology partnerships with one of our customers in the Middle East is a huge success for both of us. Since we started to work closely together we achieved the following:
- 2 units in operation
- 4 units in different stages of realization
- 9 units in project preparation
- transfer of technology finished
- continuous improvement ongoing

Successful partnerships require innovation, close cooperation and long-term alignment. The benefits are exceptional for both partners and yield lots of opportunities.

Our customer is now able to plan and realize standard projects by his own, whereas we remain on stand-by for consultancy if needed.

Projects with special requirements or new concepts are supported by Innospin’s experience and abilities.
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Unique Selling Position
of our business model

We guarantee as the overall designer and engineer for functionality and performance of the installation.

We are able to select and configure products and solutions entirely in the customers interest.

We effectively transfer the trading profit to the cutomers bottom line.