Air-cooled condensers under cross wind

Cross wind reduces the condensing performance of air-cooled condensers without effective counter measures

Cross wind at a speed greater than 5 m/s impairs the cooling performance of ACCs for which no appropriate countermeasures are provided. The cooling fans are not capable of supplying sufficient cooling air to the heat exchanger tubes anymore and the tendency to re-circulation of hot air to the cold air suction side increases.

At higher cross wind speeds there is a risk of mechanical damage to the cooling air fan units due to high cycling loading.

ACCs for which a performance guarantee is required at higher cross wind, Computerized Fluid Dynamic (CFD) analysis must be done in parallel to the performance calculation and where necessary fitted with appropriate countermeasures.
Countermeasures derived from general principles are entirely unsuitable. Every plant is subject to specific characteristics that must be taken into account. These peculiarities can be determined only by means of CFD, so that from it the necessary counter measures can be reliably planned and implemented.
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Flow pattern of a fan under cross wind.