Air-cooled condenser (ACC) in Datong

The entry into the largest ACC MW class
With the Datong 3 project, Guodian, Innospin and its Swiss partners have together succeeded in successfully realising the largest class of air-cooled condensers (ACC) worldwide.

Project requirements
The 2 x 660 MW ACC have impressive dimensions, with 116 modules, a length of 85 m, a width of 192 m and an overall height of 55 m. With these dimensions, careful design and technical development and a high level of cost consciousness are of decisive importance.

Our services
Datong 3 was supported with the greatest care with regard to performance and process layout, the mechanical design of all the systems and the civil design. The goal was to achieve the highest possible quality at competitive costs, making optimal use of the production technology available in China.

Customer benefit
Thanks to the design and engineering work of Innospin and its Swiss partners, Guodian enjoyed an extremely successful ACC implementation and guarantee acceptance. The ACC ran without any problems at all in commercial operation. Thanks to a weight-optimised design of the integrated concrete / steel structure, Guodian was able to achieve an additional saving of approx 6% of its costs for this project.
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Guodian Longyuan Cooling Technologies, Beijing, P.R. China

Datong, P.R. China

2007 - 2008

  • Performance design
  • Process / System design
  • Mechanical and civil design

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