WULASHAN Air Cooled Condenser, Wulashan, China

Start into a new era
The Wulashan project is a breakthrough into a new business model. Wulashan was the first large air-cooled condenser to be successfully developed together with local customers with 100% local production in China.
This completely localised project made it possible for Harbin, INNOSPIN and its Swiss partners to jointly win many additional ACC projects in China.

Project requirements
Wulashan was the first official, nationalised ACC project in the 300 MW class and was strictly monitored by the Chinese Energy Ministry. The design and engineering had to take the local opportunities for production and assembly into consideration as far as possible.

Our services
Wulashan was supported with a comprehensive and seamless design and engineering package, from the performance design, the entire process, system, mechanical and civil engineering design, through the specifications for the control technology, and up to and including the local support of the production, the erection, the commissioning and the guarantee acceptances.

Customer benefits
Thanks to the support of Innospin and its Swiss partners, Harbin was able to organise the ACC on schedule, with 100% local work in China and with a successful guarantee acceptance. As a result of the Wulashan project, Harbin has been able to establish itself as an acknowledged and successful ACC general contractor in China.
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Harbin Air Conditioning Corporation, Harbin, P.R. China

Wulashan, P.R. China


  • Performance design
  • Process / System design
  • Mechanical and civil engineering design
  • Support of local production
  • Local, permanent construction site consultation
Further information
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