Consultation for investors and the operator of the 400 MW combined cycle power plant in La Zarza, Spain

The start of a new cooperation
The EGL AG (Axpo) is planning a new 400MW combined cycle power plant in Spain. As the Owner’s Engineer for EGL, Innospin had received the order to technically support the performance forecast and the cooling system for the planned combined cycle power plant.

Project requirements
The configuration of the hybrid cooling tower and the performance of the entire combined cycle power plant was to be optimised for a lifetime of 20 years taking the climatic fluctuations into account.

Our services
INNOSPIN has investigated the daily and seasonal fluctuations in meteorological data over 20 years, and has developed a corresponding performance calculation method and an SW program for the hybrid cooling tower and the entire power plant.

Customer benefits
The combined cycle power plant was able to be optimised with regard to overall economic efficiency (investment, operating costs and electricity market price) over a time period of 20 years. Real performance characteristic curves, programmed as an SW application make it possible for the operator/investor to make the correct commercial decisions taking the daily and seasonal, weather-dependent fluctuations into account.
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EG Laufenburg AG

La Zarza, Spain

2008 - 2009

  • Performance optimisation of a hybrid cooling tower
  • Analysis of meteorological data (daily and seasonal fluctuations)
  • Performance calculation taking weather fluctuations into consideration

400 MW combined cycle power plant in La Zarza, Spain
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