Training of the operating personnel of a 400 MW combined cycle power plant in Bowin, Thailand

More than 70 local training courses worldwide
From 1999 to today, INNOSPIN has successfully carried out well over 70 training courses on-site for power plant operators in more than 20 countries.

Project requirements
The power plant operators expect wide specialist know-how and experience in the design and operation of combined cycle power plants, as well as the ability to train international operating personnel.

Our services
The following courses were successfully carried out for the operating personnel in the 400 MW Bowin combined cycle power plant in Thailand:
Structure and operation of the gas turbine and steam turbine, structure and operation of the water/steam cycle and the operation and maintenance of the combined cycle power plant.

Customer benefits
The operating personnel profited from the wide experience of the Innospin engineers. All the training courses from Innospin were carried out to the fullest satisfaction of the end customer. Innospin profited from the varied international feedback from the power plant operator and from allowing this field experience to flow into its daily work.
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Alstom (Schweiz) AG

Bowin, Thailand


  • Gas turbine
  • Steam turbine
  • Water/steam circulation
  • Combined cycle power plants
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