570 MW gas turbine power plant in Tung Hsiao, Taiwan

Change of fuel from heavy oil to LNG
Together with a Swiss manufacturer, Innospin received the order from Alstom to convert all the auxiliary systems for the existing gas turbines of the Tung Hsiao power plant from heavy oil operation to an operation with LNG.

Project requirements
The checking and reutilisation of the existing systems, as well as an optimal system design for reliable operation with LNG at the lowest possible conversion costs, was at the focus of this order.

Our services
Innospin was responsible for the technical project management, the system engineering, the supervision of the manufacture and the operation, maintenance and spare part handbook.

Customer benefits
The successful design, engineering, manufacture and project implementation made possible a problem-free operational changeover from heavy fuel oil to LNG, to the fullest satisfaction of Alstom and the end customers.
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Alstom (Schweiz) AG

Thung Hsiao, Taiwan

2001 - 2002

  • Technical project management
  • System engineering
  • Manufacturing supervision
  • Customer documentation
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