INNOTUBE ® (pat.pend.)

Single row tube technology for air-cooled condensers now available worldwide

INNOTUBE is a finned heat exchanger tube for ACCs with 40% lower weight and 20% lower air-side pressure drop compared to heat exchangers with dual- or multi-row tube technology.

Unlike standard single row tube technology, INNOTUBE has protection plating from stainless steel on both the outside and the inside.

The internal plating protects INNOTUBE on the process side with the following advantages:
  • No corrosion and only minimal soiling during installation, and thereby a considerably shorter system cleaning effort after erection
  • No stand-still corrosion during plant shut-downs, and thereby lower iron content in the condensate during plant re-start, thereby lower blow-down quantities from the boiler drums and faster start-up times (important for cycling plants that are frequently started up and run down)
  • Massively lower iron content in the condensate, thereby a condensate polishing system is not required anymore

Outstanding bonding quality between the cooling fin and the base tube
INNOTUBE after a blow-up test with pressurized air, showing zero flaking of the cooling fin despite massive plastic deformation of the entire heat exchanger tube.
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Are you interested in an ACC with advanced single row tube technology?

Would you like a heat exchanger tube that does not rust, and thereby makes an expensive condensate polishing system unnecessary?
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A condensate polishing system is no longer needed for ACCs equipped with INNOTUBE.