Air-cooled condensers

Innospin has realized more than 60 air-cooled condenser projects. Our range as general service contractor covers all activities from the feasibility study to the detail design and project realization. Local suppliers are included in the overall implementation as far as possible, in order to achieve the highest possible level of local involvement.

Our range as general service contractor

  • Feasibility study and design for any cooling and condensation system
  • Permitting support and project tendering
  • Conceptual design
  • Performance guarantee and operating conditions
  • Plant and system optimization
  • Process, operation and control concept
  • Sizing and detail design of all systems
  • Civil and structural steel design
  • Electrical systems and controls
  • Procurement assistance
  • Construction site advising
  • Performance testing
  • Training and education
  • Retrofit and upgrading
  • Conversion from wet to dry cooling

NANZHUANG air-cooled condenser, Yangquan, China
A „fast-track“ project: The ACC in Yangquan was realized with a through-put time of only 15 months and achieved excellent results at the guarantee acceptance.
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INNOTUBE® - now available woldwide
INNOTUBE is a heat exchanger with single row tube technology and an additional, internal, rust-free corrosion protection layer. Because INNOTUBE does not rust, there is no need to install an expensive condensate polisher system.
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    Breakthrough of a new business model

    Wulashan was the first large air-cooled condenser to be 100% developed in China using local production.
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    Air-cooled condensers in Datong, China

    With the Datong 3 project, the largest class of air-cooled condensers in the world was successfully realized. Thanks to a weight-optimized design, the customer was able to save an additional 6% of his costs.
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    More energy efficient ACC in Esfahan, Iran

    The ACC for the Esfahan project was optimized to such an extent that it achieves an auxiliary power consumption that is 30% lower than comparable ACC projects.
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