Thermal power systems

The planning and realization of thermal power systems is a core competence of Innospin. We have many years of experience in all planning tasks.
Our range of services includes:
  • feasibility studies
  • pre-engineering
  • engineering
  • design and arrangement planning
  • supply andmanufacturing support
  • site advise
  • retrofit

Water/steam cycle

  • exhaust steam condensers
  • condensate
  • feedwater
  • live steam
  • process steam
  • drains

Balance of Plant (BOP)

  • Fuel supply systems
  • Water supply and treatment systems
  • Once-through and closed cooling water systems
  • Waste water and waste water treatment systems
  • Compressed air supply systems
  • Nitrogen supply systems
  • Fire alarm and fire fighting systems
  • Explosion protection systems
  • Process media sampling and chemical dosing systems
  • Continuous emission monitoring systems
  • Engineering of complete balance of plant systems for a power plant project in Kuwait with 5 x LM6000
  • Modularization and standardization of closed cooling water fin-fan coolers for industrial gas turbines
  • Development of standard process control logic plans for water/steam cycles (CCPP)
  • Fuel gas supply system design analysis and cost optimization
  • Applicability of reciprocating compressors for gas boosting service to industrial gas turbines
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250 MW gas turbine power plant in Doha, Kuwait

This extensive order for the engineering for all the Balance of Plant systems for the complete power plant was a major milestone for Innospin.
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