Tools and Standards


Means for the purpose

In the most general sense tools stand for “means for the purpose”. Our tools stand for the fact that they enable us for an efficient, accurate and reliable conversion of our specialized knowledge into projects. Wherever such tools are needed, however not available, we develop our own products, which we license also to interested customers.

Together with the tools standards are an integral part in plant design. We are experienced with the most important international standards and their application.

Our design tools

  • Inventor (Autodesk) – 3D-design
  • Advance Steel (Graitec) - 3D-design steel structures
  • AutoCAD (Autodesk) – 2D-design
  • CADWorx (Coade) – 3D-arrangement planning
  • PDMS (Aveva) – 3D-arrangement planning
  • EPlan (EPlan) - electric systems design

Our calculation tools

  • Thermoflex / Peace (Thermoflow Inc.) – process energy balancing and analysis
  • Thexcel (Energietechnik und Software) – thermodynamics for Excel
  • FE/Pipe and NozzlePro (Paulin Research Inst.) – FE analysis
  • Algor Professional Multiphysics/MES (Autodesk) – FE analysis
  • Ansys (Ansys) – FE analysis
  • PVElite (Coade) – FE analysis
  • Ceasar II (Coade) – FE analysis
  • CFX and Fluent (Ansys) – flow analysis
  • SAP2000 (CSI) – design and analysis of structures in concrete and steel

Our own products

  • ACCurate (Innospin AG) – design calculation of air cooled condensers
  • PlantLife (Innospin AG) – calculation of life time cost of power plants

Standards in use

  • ASME VIII Div.1, AD 2000, PED – pressure vessels
  • ASME B31.1, ASME B31.3, PED – piping
  • UBC-97, ASCE-7 – buildings
  • AISC, Eurocode 3 – steel
  • ACI-318, Eurocode 2 – concrete
    Accuracy in plant design stands for a smooth erection and avoid thereby unnecessary non-conformance cost (example: ACC 3D-design with Inventor).
    Careful analysis of the design elements is a basic requirement with the development of new solutions (example: Structural analysis of a thin-walled vessel by means of FE analysis).
    Where own products help (example: Design calculation of an ACC with ACCurate).